Feel free to use our Connections! We work with the best.

ConnectionsWhile we make it easy to incorporate data from any source, direct electronic connections will take your efficiency to a whole new level. So, BackChecked maintains standard interfaces with the finest suppliers in the industry, at no extra cost to you.

In fact, you have direct access to more than 100 distinct product offerings from the suppliers listed below.

To protect your independence and get the best possible support, you contract directly with these suppliers and you make your own configuration changes. No kidding. No funny business. It's your call.

Instant Databases

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RapidCourt provides access to a variety of public records from our constantly expanding network of data sources. Our products include both comprehensive database and real-time court searches designed to increase the quality, efficiency and affordability in record retrieval. Contact RapidCourt


Appriss Insights equips background screeners with the information they need to help organizations mitigate fraud and risk in their workplaces and communities. We provide the most complete set of wholesale data solutions available in the industry, enabling CRAs to grow their businesses with quality, innovative product offerings. Contact Appriss Insights

Court Records

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We provide hands-on criminal checks. Our innovative Researcher Direct™ seamlessly connects your system with our dedicated in-court researchers, delivering higher quality data, faster turn-around, lower vendor maintenance and a secure environment in which your PII rarely sees the light of day. Contact Baxter


Convergence Research provides state-level (where applicable) and county-level criminal searches in all 50 states. All searches are 'hand' courthouse searches dispatched to our researchers in real time. We also provide civil searches of both upper and lower civil courts. Contact Convergence


America's Criminal Record Company, TrueCordis provides reliable, timely, on-site public record research throughout the US. We are experts in criminal, civil, federal, and statewide searches, provide a nationwide document retrieval service, and offer wholesale discount pricing. Contact TrueCordis


Appriss Insights equips background screeners with the information they need to help organizations mitigate fraud and risk in their workplaces and communities. We provide the most complete set of wholesale data solutions available in the industry, enabling CRAs to grow their businesses with quality, innovative product offerings. Contact Appriss Insights


Omni Data Retrieval is a national wholesale records retrieval firm specializing in criminal background checks. We continually revise our network of thousands of researchers nationally, in order to provide you with the strongest, most reliable service in the industry. We are your One Reliable Source. Contact Omni Data


RCXpress is an intelligent service created by that quickly retrieves highly probable results from over 1,400 online public access portals including: County Courts, Federal Courts, and Sex Offender Registries. Contact RCXpress


Quality data is the foundation of your screening business. You’ve got to be as close as possible to the best data. That’s why 83% of background screening companies trust SJV Data Solutions. 93% of our Criminal Record data is direct-sourced. Contact SJV


Wholesale Screening Solutions is the go-to source of vital data for employment screening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation service providers nationwide. Services include criminal records research, civil records research, i-Fed™ intelligent federal research, and verifications. Establish a new standard for what you can expect from your public records research provider. Request a free trial and learn more at Contact WSS

Fingerprinting Services

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Accurate Biometrics is an FBI approved Fingerprint Channeler, since 2006, and a FINRA EFS fingerprinting vendor since 2015. Accurate Biometrics is the ideal partner for your fingerprinting needs in Banking, Financial Securities, and FINRA brokers/dealers. We are an independent company that is able to work with all of your clients as their fingerprint service provider. Our interface with BackChecked provides for seamless ordering, billing and notification that results have been sent to the authorized recipient. Contact Accurate Biometrics

Verifications - References - Credentials

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The National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization, is the nation's trusted source for student degree and enrollment verification. More than 3,300 colleges, enrolling 92% of US college students participate in the Clearinghouse. Contact NSC

Work Number

The Work Number is America's leader in employment and income verification. Our client roster is over 2,000 businesses strong, including two thirds of the Fortune 500 companies and businesses in all industries of all sizes. Contact Work Number


Verifications Don’t Need to Be a Loss Leader and Source of Risk: Whether you’re looking to outsource verifications altogether or identify a partner to help you with overflow and backlog, SJV Data Solutions is here to help. In fact, if you add up your true internal costs of keeping this process in-house, SJV Data Solutions can actually help you reduce risk and become more profitable. Contact SJV

Driving Records

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SambaSafety is a leading provider of driver risk information and technology to Consumer Reporting Agencies. Our innovative national MVR network and driver risk platform means that background screeners can provide their clients more than just a personal driving record or pre-hire check MVRs — they can also provide value-added services such as continuous driver monitoring through SambaSafety’s industry leading Driver Risk Management solutions. Contact SambaSafety


With over a century of experience in providing driving (MVR) and vehicle (VR) records, Compass Driving Records delivers quality reports with technology know-how and true customer-care. Contact Compass


The Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) offers prospective employers access to commercial drivers' safety history information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). A driver's PSP record includes the most recent 5 years of crash data and 3 years of roadside inspection data, including serious safety violations, from the FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System. Contact FMCSA

Drug Screening

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In 2008, i3screen was born with the promise of connecting solutions, services and providers together on a single enterprise-level platform, becoming the first ecosystem dedicated to occupational health screening program management. A decade later, i3screen web-based delivery and breakthrough software solutions, coupled with pioneering knowledge and ongoing innovation, continues to lead the market in making occupational health screening management easier.

For further information on our services, please visit www.i3screen. Contact i3screen


eScreen is the largest TPA of Drug Free Workplace programs in the U.S. Featuring exclusive, instrumented, 15-minute, negative urine drug-screening; a paperless chain-of-custody form; web-based result reporting software; and expansive network of thousands of integrated provider sites.

For details on eScreen’s electronic drug-screening and other health/medical solutions, please visit

Credit Reports

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Hart Software provides immediate access to each of the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) for both Employment and Tenant Screening applications. Our standard easy to read format can also be utilized to deliver Merged Credit Reports from more than one bureau. Contact Hart

Credit Card Gateways

Click logo to visit site™ allows you to accept all four major credit cards as on-line payment for your services. Contact


PayPal™ allows you to accept all four major credit cards, as well as PayPal™ funds, as on-line payment for your services. Contact PayPal

Export to QuickBooks

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Transaction Pro

The Accounting Export Details download in BackChecked is specifically designed to work with Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks. Contact Transaction Pro

Transaction Pro

Need to unlock the power of QuickBooks with your BackChecked Invoice Data? Peak Advisers LLC has exactly what you need. Using your copy of Transaction Pro (see above), our solution will eliminate hours of work by solving your problem in a matter of minutes. Full implementation and training is included in the standard fee. Should you need further customization, we’re always available at an hourly rate. Contact Peak Advisers.