BRB Data

Public Records Research System

BRB DataSometimes you have to by-pass vendors and go directly to the source. So, BackChecked comes fully integrated with the best source data in the industry-- PRRS from BRB Publications Inc. This comprehensive database provides details on access methods, fees, restrictions, hours of operation and contact information for the following:

County Courts: Civil, Criminal, and Probate Courts at the county and municipal levels (over 9,300 courts profiled in detail).

Federal Courts: 500 U S District and Bankruptcy Courts and Federal Record Centers.

County Agencies: Over 4,265 locations for recorded documents including UCC records, federal & state tax liens, and real estate records.

State Agencies: All major public record databases, including criminal, corporate, UCC, and occupational licensing.

Schools: Over 5,700 colleges and universities, plus 900 referrals to school name changes and references to 850 diploma mills.

County Locater: An extensive cross reference that locates the correct county based on place names, cities or zip codes.

Think of it as the Sourcebook on-line. You can access the data from within BackChecked or directly login to the BRB site.

Public Records Retrieval Network

Need help in a troublesome jurisdiction? Enter any county in the United States to find a list of PRRN members who provide direct service there. Find the right researcher? Click on one button to assign them to that county.

Contact Info: Name, Address, phone, fax, email, web site, company profile for each of more than 550 researchers, nationwide.

Coverage: Other counties where direct service is provided.

Comments: An area to keep you own comments and notes about each PRRN member.